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Combo Tour of Harvard & MIT

The competition for 'most important American University' only stretches about two miles. Harvard may be the most recognized name brand in the world besides Coca Cola, but MIT students jokingly call it "Crimson Community College. "

All is in jest, as the two universities work together often. These are the smartest people on the planet, busily inventing the future. From better government policy to spaceships to robots to genome editing to Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the Nobel Prizes and spin-off companies are countless.

Mischief, invention, extreme wealth, celebrities, pranks, war heroics, and tragedy feature in the stories on this tour. Great for families exploring the possibility of attending these schools, tourists with a curiosity for the history of these stories institutions, or locals looking to swell with pride in what our area has offered the national zeitgeist.

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  • Johnston Gate

  • John Harvard Statue

  • Widener Memorial Library

  • Memorial Church

  • Memorial Hall

  • Science Center

  • Harvard Law School

  • Holden Chapel (former Harvard Medical School)

  • The Red Line Train (the T)

  • Kendall Square

  • Google Offices

  • Koch Center for Integrative Cancer Research

  • The Quad

  • Stata Center

  • Wiesner Building/MIT Media Lab

  • EAPS building

  • Infinite Corridor/Mr. Smith

  • The Great Dome/Killian Court


  • This is a 3 hour tour.

  • T fare (for public transportation) is not included ($2.75 per person).

  • $450 for up to 10 people.

  • For larger groups or customized tours, please contact us.

  • This tour can be delivered in Corporate attire, Colonial Period dress, or Victorian-era Dress, as requested.


  • Any sites or additions listed on our Tours of Harvard or MIT may be easily visited along this tour path with advanced notice.

  • If your group would like to make this tour a combination Pub Crawl/Campus Tour, please contact us for more details.

We Can't...

  • We cannot enter most Harvard buildings with the exception of Memorial Hall and Memorial Church, when the general public is allowed inside (at Harvard’s discretion).

  • We cannot take large groups inside MIT buildings, as they are a functional school, and already have traffic in their hallways.

  • We cannot arrange entry into any laboratories, tech companies, or research facilities, as they are operational, sometimes sterilized, and often need to secure themselves against corporate espionage.

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