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Quality Matters

Our small staff of highly trained professional performers use charm, expert storytelling, and humor to give you the experience your group is looking for. We strive to maintain excellent customer service and vivid storytelling of accurate history. Once we meet you, the tour path could change slightly if we know you’ll enjoy something a little different, we want you to leave our tour with a desire to keep exploring our beloved city. You came all the way to Boston to see our treasures, and we are here to guarantee your best possible experience seeing them.

We take pride in our diverse staff. Most of us have backgrounds in performance, history and the arts, and we all enjoy people from every background, physical ability, geographical location, and political affiliation. If you don't love a huge crowd, our public tours (capped at 25) may not be quite what you're looking for. However, if you want to see sites discreetly, at your leisure, and ask questions to your guide, private tours are certainly the way to go.

Our “Boutique” Tour style means that you can request anything. If we can’t accommodate something, we will either explain why no one can, or point you in the direction of someone who can. We hope to create any experience you may be seeking, and add to it. Our stories bring places to life. Without the stories behind it, even the Roman Forum would just be a pile of rubble. Let us leave lasting memories, swell your pride in human achievement, and be the highlight of your time in Boston.

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