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Tour of Salem

Founded in 1626, Salem, Massachusetts is best known for the tragic Witch Hysteria of 1692. But with almost 400 years of history to explore, being one of America’s oldest cities means there is more than just one story to tell! The two-time capital of Massachusetts, Salem has been both the wealthiest place in the nation and an economically depressed pile of ash.

From allegations of black masses to America’s first deliveries of black pepper, Salem’s seen it all! A central port in the new world, this city has received objects, artifacts, and cold hard cash from all over the globe, prompting the creation of America’s oldest museum. Dark and terrifying legends of this place sprang from the minds of such literary greats as Nathaniel Hawthorne and H.P. Lovecraft. Equally amazing are the true tales of the sensational murder of Captain White, an absurd encounter with British soldiers during the American Revolution, and the long and sordid career of Reverend Cotton Mather. Plus… there was the witch thing.

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  • Gardener-Pingree House

  • Peabody Essex Museum/East India Maritime Society Building 

  • Salem Custom House (1805)

  • Daniel Low and Co Building/Site of Salem Meeting House

  • Bewitched Statue

  • Derby Square/Old Town Hall

  • Red’s Sandwich Shop/London Coffee House

  • Grimshawe House

  • Witch Memorial

  • Hawthorne Street

  • Theobald Matthews Statue

  • Union Street

  • Salem Maritime National Historic Site


We are currently unable to accomodate tours in and around Salem. Please contact our partner, Witch City Walking Tours, for more information on touring in Salem!

We Can't...

  • We cannot provide transportation to and from Salem, but the commuter rail or the ferry are delightful ways to travel.

  • Please contact our partner, Witch City Walking Tours, for more information on their tour paths!

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