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African Americans at Harvard

When the first African American man graduated in 1870, the struggle for equal rights at Harvard was hardly over. Hidden on the campus of America’s oldest institution of higher learning are hints and subtle remainders of the African American story in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

From the oppressive condition of enslavement, the African American community now claims 12% enrollment in the undergraduate population. On the frontline of the fight for equal education, the concept of equal rights and integration varied in popularity amongst Harvard’s student body throughout its 380-year history. We view this tour as an opportunity to enlighten the public as to the stories of those whom the history books have not yet covered.

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  • The Pit

  • College House

  • Wadsworth House

  • Indian College

  • Boylston Library

  • Widener Memorial Library

  • Loeb House

  • Beck-Warren House

  • Memorial Hall

  • Holden Chapel

  • Charles Sumner Statue

  • Old Burying Ground


  • Private Tours begin at $300.00 (+tax), which covers a group of up to 10 guests for up to two hours.

  • Small group tours longer than two hours  are $150.00 (+tax) per hour per guide.

  • For customized tours in groups larger than 10, please contact us for pricing.

  • This tour can be delivered in Corporate attire, Colonial Period dress, or Victorian-era Dress, as requested.


  • Please let us know if you have any special requests.

We Can't...

  • Please note that this is a specialty tour and subject to availability. Not all of our guides know/are able to deliver this tour at the quality and knowledge level we require of our staff. Thanks for understanding.

  • At the moment, we have not received any requests to speak of that we have been unable to fulfill.

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